Notice: This game is for amusement only and credits you earn in this game cannot be exchanged for an opportunity to earn money or other prizes.

How to play

In this game players place bets on either odd or even of sum of 2 virtual dices.

Bet for Odd or Even. 2 wheels with dices on each pocket start spinning in one direction. The wheels eventually stops and a parity of a sum of dice numbers pointed by yellow needles determines the winning parity.

You can enjoy this game in fullscreen mode. Click on a circular button with a rectangle icon on the top left corner of the title screen or click on a circular button on the top right to access to the settings menu at any time during game play.

About credits

100 free credits are replenished every 10 minutes up to a max limit of 200 credits. Credits you earn in this game is valid throughout other Game Center games.

The credits you earn in this game cannot be exchanged for an opportunity to earn money or other prizes.

Credit payout

If you win the game, you will retrieve your bet in addition to your share from the total sum of pooled bet credits placed on the other parity. There is no carry over. 10% fee is deducted from your take by the bookie.

Cookie is used in this website

Please be advised that cookie is used to store your credits and game status.



Program references

Audio tools

Build tools

Stock materials used in this game



  • Kurage Kosho: distributes public domain sounds which you can use for absolutely free as long as you do not violate laws by using them.

Music references

Sound Tracks

All the sound tracks used in game are produced by Shu Miyao.

Test Mode

This game has a test mode following a tradition of arcade game. Press key 5 and hold it as you refresh this page. (if the key 5 is pressed at the time of beginning of logo splash, the game enters into the test mode.) The screen and font of test mode is an homage to SEGA arcade games back in 1980s.

By using test mode, I can test the game by module without waiting till I get to a certain point of game. I now have a habit of separating development stage by module and I use the test mode as I develop a game.